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The Ph.D. degree and the AM/MS Masters’ Degrees are NOT Professional MBA degrees. The Ph.D., AM or MS are academic research degrees.

The Ph.D. degree that All Wharton Ph.D. students are awarded is in Managerial Science and Applied Economics.

*Managerial Science and Applied Economics (MSAE ) is the administrative “Umbrella” Graduate Group used by the University to streamline the processing of all Wharton Ph.D. Degrees*

You cannot get an MBA degree while you are enrolled in a Ph.D. degree program.

The requirements for obtaining a Masters Degree may vary by program area.

  • Check the Appendices in the back of the Wharton Doctoral Programs Handbook for your Program’s requirements
  • Check the Degree Requirements for your program in the Appendix Section of Wharton Policies and Procedures.
  • Check with your Department PhD Coordinator before applying for a Masters degree.

*Students outside of the Statistics Department who want to obtain a Research Masters Degree in Statistics (AM) should contact:
Prof. Dylan Small
400 JMHH

A substantial research paper approved by the Graduate Group is a Mandatory requirement for the Research Masters Degree and cannot be waived.

The University of Pennsylvania awards all Research Ph.D. and Masters degrees.

There is a Time-Limit for Completing the Ph.D.

PhD students may add/drop or change a grade type for a course through PENN-IN-TOUCH  during the first two weeks of the term.  No changes to a course schedule can be made after the first two weeks of the term without permission from the course instructor and the Vice Dean of the Wharton Doctoral Programs. (Reference:  Academic Rules for PhD students.

No degrees are awarded automatically; you must APPLY for each degree.

All final required degree forms (Ph.D. and AM and MS) are processed through the Wharton Doctoral Programs Office and the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Division.

The University of Pennsylvania has three degree granting cycles–December, May and August–but only ONE Graduation Ceremony held in May. Students who receive their degree the previous December or August are also invited to participate in the Graduation Ceremony in May.

The Wharton School name will not appear on a Research PhD or AM/MS diploma.


  1. Q. How do I register for Courses?
  2. Q. How Many Courses can I register for in one semester?
    A. Four- MAXIMUM for Ph.D. Students.   You may AUDIT a fifth course with special permission from the Vice Dean.
  3. Q. What do I register for after I finish all my coursework?
    A. Dissertation. Check with your department for the section number assigned to the faculty member who will be supervising your dissertation before you can register.
  4. Q. How many credits can I transfer?
    A. A MAXIMUM of 8 Credits of GRADUATE Coursework with the approval of the PhD Coordinator ONLY after successfully completing one full year in the Ph.D. Program.  No Undergraduate coursework will be counted toward the PhD degree.
  5. Q. What is my Ph.D. Degree In?
    A. Ph.D. in  Managerial Science and Applied Economics.

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