Visiting PhD Students

In addition to regular doctoral students, Wharton Doctoral Programs may accept a limited number of individuals as Visiting Doctoral Fellows.

These appointments will normally be made in conjunction with a Department, and they are intended for visiting graduate students who have not yet received a Ph.D. Such students’ stay in the program is usually limited to one academic year. Visiting Doctoral Students must have a faculty sponsor in the program before entering. Each application will be decided on an individual basis.

Copies of all appointment letters with supporting documentation as outlined below should be sent to the sponsoring academic department.

Procedures for Visiting Doctoral Students

  1. Visitor must have a faculty sponsor within the department.
  2. Visitor must obtain  permission from Department PhD  Coordinator as well as the Vice Dean.
  3. Visitor must provide verification of health care insurance.
  4. Letter from the Visiting Student/Fellow’s home institution verifying his status as a PhD student  in a  specific program and the level the student is at in the   program (e.g. coursework or dissertation).
  5. Copy of appointment letter and OIP Appointment form for International students.
  6. Visitors are responsible for finding and paying for their own housing and all other living expenses during their visit.

Note: The Department is not obligated to provide office space or computer equipment.