Student Life

WSAWBA (Wharton Society for the Advancement of Women in Business Academia)

A professional and social support network for women in business academia, to identify challenges faced by women in building research careers in business-related fields, and to work to address these challenges.


WDC (Wharton Doctoral Council)

Contact: Marco Giometti, President:

Additional Student Resources

Academic, campus, family resources.  Information on Philadelphia, transportation, extracurricular resources.

Exchange Scholar Program

The Exchange Scholar Program enables a graduate student enrolled in a doctoral program in one of the participating institutions to study at one of the other graduate schools for a limited period of time so as to take advantage of particular educational opportunities not available on the home campus.

Wharton PhD Partners and Families

An online resource created to benefit doctoral students, their partners, children, and even pets!

Thrive at Penn

Thrive at Penn (TAP) is an online program that assists students with their Penn experience. TAP prepares students to make healthy choices during their university experience and provides information about resources available to support student success. Topics covered include thriving at a research university; wellness and health; alcohol and drug policies; healthy relationships and sexual violence prevention; and resources specific to your needs.

GAPSA (Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

The official student government body for graduate and professional students at Penn, representing over 10,0000 students across twelve graduate schools.

Wharton Pre-Doctoral Directed Reading Program

The Wharton Directed Reading Program (WDRP) is a pre-doctoral advanced study opportunity within the Wharton Doctoral Programs (WDP), providing undergraduate students with a steppingstone for an honors thesis as well as an early-stage preview of graduate study for those students who are interested.

WDRP pairs undergraduate students with Wharton doctoral students for a semester-long guided reading and independent study project. Undergraduates interested in research in business academia will receive focused guidance and mentorship from an emerging expert in the field.

PhD mentors receive $500 and an opportunity to create new scholars in their field! Email Maggie Saia ( or Gidget Murray ( if interested in being a PhD mentor.

MIDAs (Mack Innovation Doctoral Association)

The Mack Innovation Doctoral Association (MIDAs) is a student-led cross-department seminar series for Wharton PhD students interested in innovation research. As the field of innovation is inherently interdisciplinary, MIDAs is a forum for students from all Wharton departments to collaborate and share knowledge.


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is the counseling center for the University of Pennsylvania. CAPS offers free and confidential services to all  Penn undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. CAPS helps students adjust to university life, manage personal and situational challenges, develop coping strategies, and grow personally and professionally. CAPS’ trained clinicians offer individual, group, and couples therapy. Students can access CAPS in a variety of ways, depending on their individual situation.

CAPS Satellite Office: September 5 – December 19, Courtney Hutchison, a licensed social worker and psychotherapist, will be in JMHH 418 on Mondays, 1-7pm | Thursdays, 11am-1pm and 2-7pm | Fridays, 11am-3pm. There are three ways for students to see Courtney:

  • Schedule an hour-long initial assessment by calling CAPS (215.898.7021, press 2) during business hours and identifying yourself as Wharton student seeking to see the clinician in Huntsman.
  • Schedule a brief consultation by emailing Courtney at or by stopping by and seeing if the door is open. Courtney may be able to see students for follow-up or brief individual counseling at Huntsman, depending on availability.
  • Drop-in visits are also possible if the door is open and Courtney is available.

Note: Students having an urgent concern or needing to speak to a clinician right away, are strongly encouraged to call CAPS 24/7 (215.898.7021, press 1) or visit CAPS’ main office at 3624 Market Street during business hours.

Wharton-INSEAD Alliance

Exchange program and Annual Doctoral Consortium

INSEAD and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania have formed an alliance which includes Faculty and student interchanges for their respective PhD programs.

Students registered in one of the two institutions can register and gain credit for courses taken at the other institution after they have completed their first year of studies at the home institution.