Proposal Defense Stage

Proposal Defense Stage (must begin this process at least 3 weeks prior to your proposal defense)

  1. Submit your Request a Committee form:
    • Click Available Forms at the top of the page
    • Then, Penn Graduate Forms
    • Under “Add New Requirement”, select Dissertation Committee
    • Complete the form to include your committee members and roles
    • For Committee Role definitions and Composition, please visit the Academic Rules for PhD Students
    • After you submit the form, your committee members will receive an email instructing them to go into Penn Graduate Forms and approve serving on your committee.

2. Schedule Your Proposal Defense

    • Once you have coordinated a time with your committee,
      1. Inform your department administrator so they may help with scheduling
      2. Submit the proposal defense notification form to the Doctoral Programs Office (at least 2 weeks before your proposal defense)

3. Directly following your Proposal Defense, complete Proposal Defense Form through Penn Graduate Forms:

        • Click Available Forms
        • Then, Penn Graduate Forms
        • Under “add new requirement” select, Defense of Proposal
        • Complete the form to reflect your dissertation information
        • Click Submit Form
        • Your committee will receive an email with instructions to go into Penn Graduate Forms and approve your dissertation