Student Resources

Thrive at Penn (TAP) is an online program that assists students with their Penn experience. TAP prepares students to make healthy choices during their university experience and provides information about resources available to support student success. Topics covered include thriving at a research university; wellness and health; alcohol and drug policies; healthy relationships and sexual violence prevention; and resources specific to your needs.

    Many courses are managed through this site, with syllabus, readings, assignments (including submission) managed through the site.

    Register for classes, search for classes (try advance search, for days/times/course numbers), check grades, check/pay your bill , and update contact information.

    This is like rate my professors specifically designed for Penn students. You can see how easy the class is, how much reading there is, how students ranked the professor.

    A synthesis of Penncoursereview and PennIntouch! A great way to plan out your schedule.

    2015-2016 Wharton Doctoral Programs Policies and Procedures Handbook

    Penn Provost Policies for Graduate Students. Includes Academic Rules for PhD students and the Doctoral Dissertation Manual.

    Applying for your degrees and graduation through the Graduate Division

    3 Year academic Calendar. Good to see when school is closed and when holidays/ breaks will fall for the next few years.

    Introduction to Being a TA at Penn. A general overview of what being a TA entails from what the workload is like to how to write letters of recommendation.

    Training to Be a TA at Penn. See what workshops are open to TAs and their objectives.

    A searchable funding opportunities database that includes national and international government and private (foundations, associations and corporations) funding sources. Choose find funding at the top of the page after logging in.

    You use this site to sign up for lunch meetings with faculty visiting for seminars.

    List of graduate student groups/ clubs/ organizations

    Wharton specific global opportunities: Consulting practicum, immersion program, leadership ventures etc.

    If you’re looking for global opportunities: internships, study abroad, etc.

    Get involved in campus cultural and social centers such as Civic House, Greenfield Intercultural Center, La Casa Latina, the LGBT Center, Makuu Black Cultural Center, Pan-Asian American Community House, and the Penn Women’s Center.

    List of resources to ensure your overall wellness: social, emotional, physical, academic etc.

    International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Immigration information for international students who are looking to apply for visas.

    10 safety tips for on campus.

    Booking a Group Study Room in Huntsman Hall.

    Comprehensive list of campus resources for Graduate students.

    Information on all of the healthcare facilities on campus with links to individual institution’s sites.

    Look up books in the UPenn Library Database

    Information about on and off-campus housing. Also includes a handy list of everything you need before arriving on campus. Includes a list of banks close to campus too.

    Those individuals with children ages three months to five years who want childcare on campus.

    All the information for students/ post-docs with/expecting families/infants.

    Family grant program for PhD students. Provides grants up to $4000 to PhD students.

    Emergency child care services. $5/ hour for two children in the case that an emergency pops up and you need someone to look after children. Full time students and post-docs are eligible for this service 5 times a year.

    Family and child friendly guides for traveling and exploring Philadelphia.

    University sponsored cell phone plans.

    University of Pennsylvania’s school newspaper.

    The Daily Pennsylvanian also has a popular humor column that many students love. Almost tabloid-esque posts.

    An online blog for students to write about Penn. Penn’s opinion articles and entertainment posts.

    This is a ride sharing app. Good for when Uber has surge pricing. Get 5 free $10 rides around Philadelphia when you open an account. Get an additional $20 free when you use the discount code: HEATHER095550

    Allows the transfer money between friends while ensuring that your bank account is secure. Useful for splitting the bill or reminding a friend that they owe you money. Founded by Penn students!

    Choose what days and times are possible options for your next meeting / get together and have everyone show their availability. This makes choosing meeting times easier and more democratic!

    Another scheduling app that simplifies scheduling. Some people prefer when2meet, some prefer doodle.

    This is a platform that many students use to communicate with groups (e.g. their classmates / coworkers).

    Receive exclusive student retail discounts with your student email.

    This is a ride sharing app. Get $20 free off your first ride with Uber with this discount code: heather1690ue

    List of recommended restaurants along a specific path. Gives a brief description of the food, a rating out of 4 stars, and a price range.

    List of recommended restaurants along a specific path. Gives a brief description of the food, a rating out of 4 stars, and a price range.

    List of recommended restaurants along a specific path. Gives a brief description of the food, a rating out of 4 stars, and a price range.

    List of restaurants and activities.

    Comprehensive list of all things happening in the Philadelphia region. It also includes free and cheap stuff to do. *Sign-up for the weekly FunSavers email for exclusive discounts and specials on everything from museum exhibits, theater tickets, and concert tickets.

    Family and child friendly guides for traveling and exploring Philadelphia.

    List of low cost Arts & Culture options for graduate students on a budget.

    One affordable tourism pass for 5 of Philadelphia’s Top Attractions.

    Official Philadelphia tourism website. Great for generating ideas to explore Philadelphia.

    Transit options on and around campus. Also, indicates discounts given to UPenn students. Parking information is provided.

    Zipcar rentals and discounts for Penn students.