1. Q. How do I register for Courses?
  2. Q. How Many Courses can I register for in one semester?
    A. Four- MAXIMUM for Ph.D. Students.   You may AUDIT a fifth course with special permission from the Vice Dean.
  3. Q. What do I register for after I finish all my coursework?
    A. Dissertation. Check with your department for the section number assigned to the faculty member who will be supervising your dissertation before you can register.
  4. Q. How many credits can I transfer?
    A. A MAXIMUM of 8 Credits of GRADUATE Coursework with the approval of the PhD Coordinator ONLY after successfully completing one full year in the Ph.D. Program.  No Undergraduate coursework will be counted toward the PhD degree.
  5. Q. What is my Ph.D. Degree In?
    A. Ph.D. in  Managerial Science and Applied Economics.