2022 Wharton PhD Hooding Ceremony

The University continues to closely monitor developments with reference to COVID-19, including all guidance as set forth by the CDC and governmental authorities. The University’s response to this emergency has, in the complete interest of public health and safety, evolved quickly over recent days and weeks, and we deeply appreciate your cooperation and patience.

If there are any updates to plans for Commencement, school ceremonies, and related activities, we will communicate this to the University community – students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni – as soon as information becomes available.

Friday, May 13, 2022 from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM (EDT)
Zellerbach Theatre, Annenberg Center

**Per Annenberg’s current policy, proof of vaccination with a valid photo ID will be required for admittance to the event.  Please note, now that vaccines are available for 5-12, this requirement extends to that age group as well.  Masks will also be required.


8:45AM PhD students arrive at Annenberg Center no later than 8:45AM.  Your guests will not be permitted into Annenberg until 9AM
Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal in Annenberg Center. We will be instructing you on procession as well as hooding.
9:20AM Line up and procession to Zellerbach Theatre
9:25AM Dean, Deputy Dean, and Vice Dean will lead the student procession into the Auditorium. A tent card with your name will be on a seat within the reserved seating section at the front of the theater.
Ph.D Hooding Ceremony
10:45AM-11:30AM Brunch Reception

*Only Ph.D. students who have officially deposited the dissertation or have submitted the August Graduates Approval Form for May Commencement Participation (submitted by April 15th) are eligible to participate in the Wharton Graduation Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony.

Dissertation Process & Deadlines

Here are the University deadlines for the May 2022 degree:

  • Provost’s Office begins accepting dissertations Wednesday, January 12
  • Sign-up begins (no fee) Tuesday, January 04
  • Sign-up end date (no fee) Monday, April 18
  • *Tuition waiver – defend by date Friday, February 18
  • *Tuition waiver – deposit by date Monday, March 21
  • Late Sign-up begins ($100 fee) Tuesday, April 19
  • Late Sign-up ends ($100 fee) Monday, April 25
  • Defend by Monday, April 25
  • Deposit by Monday, May 02
  • Degree Awarded Monday, May 16


Final Defense Stage

  1. Apply for the degree: https://apps.sas.upenn.edu/sso/gas/degree/app-start.php and sign up for a deposit appointment: Appointments are available for scheduling in Calendly through April 14th. The scheduling link is: https://calendly.com/penngraddegree/deposit. To ensure availability of appointments, students who need an appointment after April 14th may email grad-degree@provost.upenn.edu with their defense date to sign up.
    • When scheduling your deposit appointment via Calendly, please be sure to enter Gidget Murray’s contact under “coordinator” NOT your PhD Faculty Coordinator. gmurray@wharton.upenn.edu
  2. Schedule Your Final Defense
    1. Continued Special Deposit and Defense Procedures
      • Special dissertation defense and deposit instructions continue to be in effect for the Spring 2022 semester. Dissertation defenses may be in-person or presented via remote conferencing. All forms required for depositing will besubmitted electronically, and title page signatures are not required. A printed copy of the dissertation will not be required, and the dissertation must be submitted electronically via ETD Administrator.
    2. Once you have coordinated a time with your committee,
      1. Inform your department administrator so they may help with scheduling
      2. Email the final defense notification form to the Doctoral Programs Office at least 2 weeks before your final defense
  3. All dissertations must follow the formatting outlined in the Formatting Guide; see the PhD Dissertation Formatting Checklist and Sample Dissertation Title Pages for help.
    • Nancy Zhang should be listed as “Graduate Group Chairperson”: Nancy Zhang, Ge Li and Ning Zhao Professor, Professor of Statistics
  4. After your Final Defense, submit the Final Oral Defense Form through Penn Graduate Forms: https://upenn.bplogix.net/workspace.aspx
    • Click Available Forms
    • Then, Penn Graduate Forms
    • Then, Load Milestones
    • Then, Final Oral Defense
    • Select the date of your final defense
    • Enter your dissertation title
    • Confirm your dissertation Committee Members and make any edits as needed
    • Click Submit Form
  5. Complete Job Placement survey
  6. Deposit dissertation with the Graduate Division via your deposit appointment

Helpful Links and Reminders:

  • Special dissertation defense and deposit instructions for PhD students continue to be in effect for the Spring 2022 semester:
  • Dissertation defenses may be conducted in-person or remotely
  • All required forms for depositing are submitted virtually in Penn Graduate Forms
  • Title page signatures are optional, and electronic signatures are accepted
    • Nancy Zhang should be listed as Graduate Group Chairperson as follows:
      Nancy Zhang, Ge Li and Ning Zhao Professor, Professor of Statistics
  • A printed copy of the dissertation is not required for deposit
  • The dissertation must be submitted electronically in ETD Administrator

Graduation Calendar:


Review the Doctoral Dissertation Formatting: https://provost.upenn.edu/sites/default/files/users/user3179/PhD%20Candidate%20Formatting%20Checklist_0.pdf

Survey of Earned Doctorates  https://sed-ncses.org

​PhD Exit survey   https://upennira.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4IoCqf6NaKkFt53

​If you have technical difficulties accessing the PhD Exit Survey, please contact surveys@pobox.upenn.edu

PhD candidates must forward completion verifications of both surveys to  grad-degree@provost.upenn.edu

Graduation Fair and Regalia Order Information

All graduating students and alumni attending the hooding ceremony must be in academic regalia.  You can rent or purchase your regalia from the bookstore.

Visit the Academic Regalia website for more information how to order your regalia.


Class of 2022 Degree Candidates

Graduates can purchase and receive their Commencement regalia at the Penn Bookstore during Grad Week – March 21-27, 2022. The regalia will be yours to own as a commemorative keepsake. All regalia will be distributed on the second level of the Penn Bookstore near the textbook department. You will have the opportunity to meet with the staff members regarding any questions, such as ensuring you are selecting the correct fit. Other grad related products and special promotions will also be available during that week.

Class of 2020 & 2021  Doctoral Degree Candidates

If you are attending the May 13th Wharton PhD Hooding Ceremony and/or the May 22nd University Commencement Ceremony there are two ways to obtain your regalia:

1. You may order your regalia online and have it shipped directly to you. You must place your order by April 1, 2022, to receive the regalia by Commencement.

2. If you are local and wish to pick-up your regalia in person, you can visit the Penn Bookstore during Grad Week (March 21-27) to be fitted for your regalia on the second level of the Penn Bookstore near the textbook department.

How to Pick up or Order Your Regalia

Hooding Process

During the ceremony, your names will be called one by one.  The Vice Dean will say your name, title of your dissertation, and name of your Dissertation Supervisor, and name of who will be hooding you if your Dissertation Supervisor is unable to attend.

  • You will enter the stage using the stairs to the left of the stage, carrying our hood on your LEFT ARM
  • You will meet your Supervisor(s) at the center of the stage and shake hands
  • You will stand on the X in the center of the stage, hand your hood to your Supervisor, then face towards the audience
  • Your Supervisor will place the hood over your head
  • You will shake hands with the Dean and Deputy Dean and receive your certificate from the Deputy Dean
  • You, your Supervisor, Dean and Deputy Dean will stand on the marked X’s on the stage, and face forward for a picture
  • You will exit the stage on the right with your Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need tickets? There are no tickets required for this event but all students will be limited to 4 guests each (including children).

What should I wear? We ask that graduates wear an academic cap and gown and those graduates who received or are receiving the PhD degree carry the hood for the ceremony. Please see the “Graduation Fair and Regalia Order” section of this page for more information.

What should my guests wear? As this is a semi-formal event, we recommend business attire. (suits or sport jackets for men and tailored dresses or tailored suits or pantsuits for women).

How many guests can I invite? The number of guests is limited to immediate family members (spouse/significant other, parents, children) only. You may invite a total of 4 guests, but please keep keep these to immediately family members. This does not include your dissertation advisor or PhD coordinator.

Should I invite my advisor? You can definitely extend a personal invitation to your advisor. Faculty advisors will also receive an invitation from the Wharton Doctoral Programs office. You will not need to include your advisor in your guest count.

What if my supervisor is unable to attend? Can someone else hood me? Yes, you can have another committee member or faculty person hood you if your supervisor is not able to attend the ceremony.  Please email Gidget Murray (gmurray@wharton.upenn.edu) with the name of the faculty person who you plan to have hood you so that an invitation is sent to them.

Where can my guests and I park? The closest parking lot is 38th & Walnut lot. Guests can enter either on Walnut Street or off of 38th Street (in between Walnut and Sansom). Since there are several events occurring on campus the same day, it is suggested to arrive early as the parking lot may fill up.

Penn University Commencement

The Penn University Commencement will be held on Monday, May 16th at Franklin Field for August 2021, December 2021, and May 2022 graduates. More info here. 

For 2020 graduates and May 2021 graduates: the University will have a separate in-person Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021 Master’s and Doctoral graduates! The Penn community looks forward to this long-awaited celebration, so please mark your calendar—Sunday, May 22 at 10:00 a.m. Registration will be required. More information will be shared soon and will be available at www.alumni.upenn.edu/2020grad2021

Have questions about Wharton Doctoral Programs Graduation 2022? Contact Gidget Murray: gmurray@wharton.upenn.edu or Maggie Saia: msaia@wharton.upenn.edu