Wharton-INSEAD Exchange

Wharton-INSEAD ExchangeINSEAD and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania have formed an alliance which includes Faculty and student interchanges for their respective PhD programs.

Students registered in one of the two institutions can register and gain credit for courses taken at the other institution after they have completed their first year of studies at the home institution.

Some financial support for travel and living expenses associated with an exchange visit may be available through the INSEAD-Wharton Center for Global Research and Education – see Financial Support under Point 4 below.

The Alliance Center for Global Research and Education has extended its reach to INSEAD and Wharton PhD’s by making them eligible to join a faculty member from the partner school in order to constitute an Alliance Center research project. For more information, see PhD research proposal section of the Wharton-INSEAD Alliance Application at http://inside.wharton.upenn.edu/faculty.

Download the following Word document files (.doc) for more information about the Alliance.

Testimonials from the 5th Annual INSEAD-Wharton Alliance PhD Consortium 7 – 9 December 2016. Click here to view more info about the Annual Consortium

“INSEAD-Wharton Doctoral Consortium 2016 was an enriching experience. Three reasons stand out. First, the papers presented in the consortium were varied and interesting. Second, both early stage ideas and advanced papers received developmental feedback with constructive and specific suggestions, the diversity of which reflected the strengths of different disciplines and paradigms and also increased the knowledge of the costs and benefits of the latest research techniques. Third, given that my own research focuses on examining strategies for social impact, I especially liked the panel discussion on social impact in business research. Learning from this panel on how to integrate what usually becomes three separate identities of research, teaching, and external engagement into one coherent identity of a scholar was a meaningful and motivating experience for me.”

– Arzi Adbi, INSEAD Strategy, PhD

“The Wharton-INSEAD consortium is one of my favorite conferences, and I have been to each single one over the four years of my PhD so far. Great papers to learn from, great feedback on my own research, great faculty panels and meetings, and – most importantly – great, smart and fun peers.”

– Phebo Wibbens, Wharton Strategy, PhD

“The Consortium was a fantastic way to meet students from other disciplines and exchange ideas on how to approach common topics of interest. I was also really happy to get feedback on my own research that has since improved my model and research design. I would definitely recommend the conference to any other PhD student in the earlier stages of their research.”

– Lindsay Relihan, Wharton Applied Economics, PhD

“From an academic perspective, the consortium stands out in that there are doctoral students from multiple disciplines presenting their research. This is interesting from both ends—not only to visit and absorb topics across disciplines when in the audience, but also to gain input from students of other disciplines when presenting. At this consortium, we get to spend time with colleagues at the same stage of their careers. Across disciplines, we are often experiencing and stuck in similar tricky situations. Feedback is thus often very hands-on! On a lighter note, we also had fun sharing Ph.D. survival strategies and anecdotes over coffee and Singaporean food and drinks. Overall, it was a great opportunity—to get inspired and to make friends.”

– Julia Bodner, INSEAD Strategy, PhD

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Past Participants:


Vibhanshu Abhishek OIDD
André Catalan-Cardenas OIDD
Anindya Ghosh Management
José A. Guajardo OIDD
Toni Moreno OIDD



Tom F. Tan OIDD
Joel O. Wooten OIDD



Aline Gatignon Strategy
Christiane Bode Strategy



Jun Li TOM
Tom Tan TOM
Philipp Meyer Strategy



Luis Ballesteros MGMT



Sarath Balachandran MGMT